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What Is Nursing Philosophy Essay

If you look at various nursing philosophy examples or nursing essay examples, you will notice that they often contain many abstract concepts and notions. Thus, a nursing philosophy becomes a kind of an overarching reality, which helps you navigate through the complex world of health and nursing care. As a student, you may need to choose a good topic for your project and write a strong nursing philosophy paper, but do not take it as merely an academic assignment to earn a good grade. Just follow our tips and advice to prepare a great paper. Look deeper into the essence of nursing practice.

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The philosophy of nursing begins with a structured understanding of one’s attitude toward nursing, as well as one’s beliefs, priorities, values, and principles that influence the provision of high-quality nursing care. One might think that a nursing philosophy is just too pathetic to be valuable and necessary in a world of professional nursing practice. In reality, everything a nurse practitioner accomplishes begins with a strong nursing philosophy. It guides every aspect of the nurse’s relationships with patients, their caregivers, and other stakeholders.

Write this paper as if you are articulating your deepest beliefs, principles, values, and concerns. It is your chance to systematize the existing knowledge of nursing and shed some personal light on the most typical professional dilemmas affecting the nursing profession.

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Why is it important to articulate your personal philosophy of nursing? Well, it is obvious. It is your chance to understand how you feel about the nursing profession and what you intend to do to accomplish your professional mission and purpose. Developing a personal nursing philosophy can be a difficult task, but you can do it because your philosophy will change the way you do things in the workplace. It will create a roadmap for achieving the best professional and clinical results. It will give you a sense of confidence and the ability to integrate scientific knowledge and personal experiences into the provision of competent nursing care.

It is how you systematize and organize everything you have learned about nursing. Your philosophy of nursing essay is an opportunity to engage in self-reflection, evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, and produce a model of action that will help you improve patient and clinical outcomes.


How to Write a Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper

You can and should learn how to write a nursing philosophy on your own. Generally, nursing philosophy is like a nursing theory – a concise discussion of your beliefs, perceptions, and practices in the nursing profession. Using plain language is what you believe nursing is. Take Florence Nightingale's philosophy of nursing as an example or look for philosophy of nursing examples online. Consider your leadership styles and perspectives, experiences, and skills. Review what you believe matters for successful and caring nursing. It may take some time for you to identify your strongest beliefs and priorities. In sum, you will arrive at a more systematic understanding of nursing, based on your personal experiences, attitudes, and perceptions of the surrounding reality.

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Why Is Nursing Philosophy Important

So, why is nursing philosophy important to any nursing student? It is important because it frames the direction of every move and activity for every practicing nurse. Just imagine that you open your notebook and see the title: nursing: the philosophy and science of caring. You already know what science means. You use the results of empirical studies to make clinical decisions in your practice setting. A family: personal philosophy of nursing is still missing, and without it even the best nursing science quickly becomes obsolete.

Your journey through the woods of nursing studies should help you identify and understand your professional purpose. This will become the building block of your personal nursing philosophy, much like the Florence Nightingale theory for contemporary nurse practitioners. You can’t succeed in your career as a nurse if you lack any understanding of your purpose and cause. Your philosophy is a strategy of self-discovery. It is a chance for you to identify the drivers of your career progress, the factors and incentives that motivate and inspire you, and the barriers that you may encounter on your way to excellence.

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It is a good reason to answer the “why” questions. Once you have these answers, you will know how to structure your activities and what to do to avoid the most typical professional issues. You will know how to handle your relations with patients and supervisors in professional ways, but also do not compromise your beliefs and convictions.

If you look back into the past, you will find numerous examples of prominent nurses who changed the face and direction of the profession and patient care. Although the nursing profession communicates universal principles and values to nurse practitioners, every professional is still unique. Personal backgrounds, beliefs, experiences, and values shape nurse-patient relationships and often predetermine the effectiveness of the very basic nursing initiatives and strategies. Thus, when you say, "My nursing philosophy", it means that you have gone a long way through self-reflection toward self-awareness and a better understanding of your nursing “self”. You have all chances to succeed in your domain of practice. You also have enough time and opportunity to reconsider your beliefs and values.

Topics For Nursing Philosophy Paper in 2023

  1. Importance of the Nursing Theory
  2. The Theory of Reasoned Action
  3. Integrating the Arts and Humanities into Nursing
  4. Nursing, masks, COVIDÔÇÉ19, and change
  5. What makes a nurse today?
  6. A career open to the talents—Nurses’ doing and focus during the history
  7. Professional Issues of Nurse
  8. If she is conscious, what is she?
  9. Nursing and music: Considerations of Nightingale’s environmental philosophy and phenomenology


You may want to know how to develop a philosophy of teaching nursing. Well, the whole process is much like the one you used to produce a philosophy of nursing practice. Look into the way other nurse practitioners were coping with their noble mission in the past. Look at Florence Nightingale, which is certainly a role model for advanced nurse practitioners in the 21st century. You can see the great lengths she went to disrupt the existing status quo and question the unquestionable superiority of physicians, moving nurses to the forefront of the healthcare system.

You can take the values and beliefs that guided Florence Nightingale's concepts as the starting point in your philosophic analysis and self-exploration. However, please remember that this process is continuous. It never ends. Your philosophy is not the ultimate point of your journey. Rather, it is a journey that you take during your life as a nurse.