How to Write Business Essay: Tips from Professionals
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  1. Business Essay Writing and Its Purpose
  2. How to Write a Business Essay?
  3. How to Succeed in Writing an Essay about Business?
  4. After you have successfully moved through the preparatory stage, now it is time to start the very writing process.
  5. Business Topics for Research Paper and Essay Writing
  6. General Business Topics
  7. Essay Topics on Business Management
  8. Essay Topics on Business Ethics
  9. International Business Research Topics
  10. Expert Writing Help Is at Hand

Business Essay Writing and Its Purpose

A business essay belongs to the category of business writing where a person is required to analyze a specific issue or situation belonging to the business realm. Normally, this business setting may concern marketing principles, business organizational aspects, and others. Business essays may be assigned to students of different academic levels who major in Business and Administration, Business and Management, Marketing or adjacent areas. Particularly, this essay type is often assigned to students of business schools. When you need to submit an essay on business, you need to provide specific numerical data, statistics, figures, and other information supporting your arguments and statements. Moreover, when working on a business paper, you should demonstrate not only your skills in the writing fluency and logical organization of ideas but also critical thinking skills since you will need to analyze large volume of information. One more complexity beyond business essay writing is that different scholars have different approaches to it. Some claim that a business paper should focus on the analysis of the underlying essence of business, whereas the others reckon that business papers should be devoted to the process of developing business plans. If you wonder how you should structure your business writing, read on and find out the main peculiarities of business writing style.

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How to Write a Business Essay?

When it comes to business papers, they have nothing to do with descriptive or explanatory essays that students have much practice in. Therefore, one needs to get comprehensive guidelines on how to deal with business writing. First of all, it is necessary to identify the main goals of your business paper. Second, depending on the purposes of writing, you will need to collect the necessary information. Please consider that the information should be taken from credible and up-to-date sources to make sure it is relevant. Besides, these sources will definitely provide solid supporting evidence to the arguments.

Business writing is not merely about analysis and structure – you often have to appeal to your creativity and originality of thinking when it comes to formulating interesting topics or organizing ideas in an appealing way. However, it is essential to strike a balance here between creativity and clarity since you cannot go with the flow and present some stream of consciousness when it comes to business papers. It does not matter whether you are working on a business article, essay

or report, you need to adhere to specific writing and formatting style as well as use appropriate vocabulary and structures.

Even though the whole process of writing may be hard and complicated, you can ease it a bit by splitting the task into short-term goals or by seeking expert help from a business essay writing service. When you trust a professional writer for help, you can be sure in the proper paper layout that will guarantee you excellent grades.

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How to Succeed in Writing an Essay about Business?

First and foremost, keep in mind that you should go through the preparatory stage. Check out its main components:

1. Read the essay prompt carefully.

You need to comprehend the essay assignment clearly and make sure you understand what question you need to address in your paper. When reading the business writing prompt, pay attention to the keywords or signposts – they will help you focus on the paper parts that you have to cover. For example, you may come across the following wording in the business essay prompt: interpret, criticize, analyze, explore, inform, discuss, illustrate, etc. - each of them will provide you with a hint how you should organize your essay. If the essay prompt tells you to discuss the topic, it means that you should merely provide information on the topic without focusing on the analysis, arguments or persuasion. If you have not been assigned a specific topic to write on, you are recommended to take a look at the list of the most interesting business essay topics and compose the paper.

2. Research the topic.

Next you need to find sufficient sources in order to study the topic in depth. It is recommended to investigate different perspectives on the topic in order to provide an impeccable paper. When collecting data, make sure you derive information only from peer-reviewed or scholarly sources that are considered to be credible and trustworthy. Scholarly databases or libraries normally contain different journals on business or marketing, so you can definitely rely on researchers in this subject area. Apart from secondary sources, you can also rely on primary sources, such as interviews, questionnaires, surveys, and others.

As you are working on the sources, make sure to organize the information clearly. Take notes in the process of reading or listening, or highlight the most important information. More so, when you create an extended plan or an outline before the very writing process, it will definitely help you stay on track with your ideas and move according to the plan. Afterwards, remember to be consistent when providing a reference list. Professional writers recommend students to take notes of the sources and their authors, media of publication, and so on from the very beginning. As such, you will have less trouble composing the reference list at the end of the writing process.

3. Compose an outline.

An outline helps students to structure and organize ideas, topics, and subtopics in a logical manner. It serves as a roadmap for the writing process, so you will never lose the central thread of the writing process. To devise an outline, you need to structure the ideas in the order you want to appear them in the paper. Just write down the central points you would like to include in the introduction, the main body, and conclusion.

After you have successfully moved through the preparatory stage, now it is time to start the very writing process. Its main constituents are provided below:

1. Formulate arguments that are relevant to the topic.

When putting forward the arguments, make sure they are supported by evidence. It does not matter what topic you are writing on – marketing, human resources management, business administration, etc. - you need to find relevant and plausible information taken from credible sources. Proper referencing is essential since you will ensure that your paper is free from plagiarism.

2. Provide references of relevant case studies.

If you need to provide an analysis of a business case study, it is essential to find those that are most relevant to the topic and that are up-to-date. A case study is good to consult since it is a real-life example of a business case. With the help of a case study, you can understand the essence of how business works in the real world. At times, case studies can be far more effective for students when they want to get a business essay example. Therefore, with the help of business case studies, you can get closer to the essence of real business issues.

3. Answer the main question.

This stage of writing is applicable not only to a business management essay or some other business-related topic – you need to focus on the central research question when you are working on any piece of writing. Whether you are required to write some essay type or a research paper, you need to pay attention to the central question that should be addressed. If you do not address it directly, your piece of writing will definitely not get an excellent grade. Since business writing is far more specific than some ordinary types of essay writing, make sure to answer the central question in a clear and comprehensive way.

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To stick to the central question, you first need to look at the topic of the paper, come up with an idea that you want to convey in your essay, and then gather literature that is relevant to that part. These three constituents will ensure that you organize the writing process perfectly and that you will reflect on the main question in a consistent way. The main thing is to always go back to the central question in the writing process and check whether you are consistently moving with the ideas development.

4. Edit and proofread the paper after completion.

As soon as you have finished your draft, print it out and revise it. First, you need to carefully edit the paper, so use the checklist or the essay prompt and make sure that you have addressed all questions on the assignment list. Second, create a checklist for yourself of the most frequent mistakes or confusing topics. This checklist will specifically help you spot any grammatical, punctuation, and stylistic errors, as well as flaws with sentence structures. Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself on this proofreading stage are:

  • Have you clearly answered the central essay question?

  • Have you addressed all tasks on the essay prompt in a logical sequence?

  • Is the data, especially the supporting evidence that you have provided, accurate and up-to-date?

  • Have you provided ample explanations of the topic by adding illustrations and examples?

  • Have you cited all information taken from the outside sources?

  • Are all the sources properly referenced according to the required formatting style?

  • Is the language clear?

  • Have you checked the usage of capitals, punctuation, and proper names?

  • Are there any essay parts that you are not happy about? Is there any chance to adjust them or substitute?

All in all, you need to proofread the paper until you are sure that no other value or improvement can be added to the paper. When you have a solid inner feeling that the essay is already well written, then it can be considered complete.

Business Topics for Research Paper and Essay Writing

At times, it happens that your professor does not assign you a specific topic but asks you to provide an essay related to a topic of your choice. For many students, though, it can be a challenge, especially if they have no idea what they can write about. Below you may find business essay topics taken from different spheres. Check them out.

General Business Topics

  • Compare and contrast the auditing and accounting work principles. How can they be applied in business?

  • What signifies effectiveness of marketing and how it impacts the overall business success?

  • What factors help business to boost its sales?

  • Can advertisement be considered an effective marketing tool for the company’s growth?

  • What kinds of trainings can help employees when they intend to develop in the business sector?

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Business Essay Topics on Law

  • Ways of avoiding and tackling with sexual harassment in the workplace.

  • Transparency of contracts in business settings.

  • Are there any ways that businesses in the US can benefit from maternity leaves?

  • Discrimination based on age in the business setting: how can it impact the relationship among employees?

  • Gender and racial discrimination as a burning business issue.

Essay Topics on Business Management

  • Compare and contrast leadership and headship skills.

  • Ways of resolving conflicts in the business management.

  • Tactical administration in the era of globalization.

  • Role of modernization management.

  • Employees’ behavior in large associations.

Essay Topics on Business Ethics

  • Can it be possible for a business to be honest and trustworthy?

  • How to maintain respectful atmosphere to all employees in the business setting?

  • Is it possible to stay loyal to the regulations and rules offered by the company’s management?

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  • The issue of trust within the business setting.

  • Fair play in business.

International Business Research Topics

  • Development of the new era of the world economy.

  • What cooperation is needed to deal with the business epidemics all round the globe?

  • What are the lately evolving business trends?

  • The alterations in pricing policies on the global market.

  • How do international relations between different countries impact their business relations?

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