How to Create a Law Review Article
25 September, 2018 in Writing Prompts
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The law review article is one of the most important types of works in the legal field. It is an analysis of laws and changes in the legislative sphere. Such articles written by students and professors are published in authoritative scientific publications. This type of work has great scientific and social significance because the main requirement for texts of this kind is relevance and novelty. Often the authors consider the newest laws or explore the influence of old laws on the lives of modern people. To write a successful paper, you must learn the rules of law review article citation and understand how to analyze a large amount of data, and extract only the most important information.

What is a Law Article

To understand how to write a law review article, you need to study the basics of legal literature analysis. The most important thing here is data processing. You need to pay attention to the most crucial and relevant facts. Reread the text of the laws several times to catch their essence and give the correct interpretation. Write briefly and clearly, use the necessary terminology. Try to make your work understandable to a wide range of readers.

How to Cite a Law Article

Many students wonder how to cite a law review article. There are standards of formatting citing the text in the modern scientific world. You can find these rules and instructions in special guidelines. Many online resources will help you understand how to write a law review article properly. They are databases of known legal research that you might need.

The Best Legal Research Resources

The New York Law Journal is the most authoritative daily legal newspaper in the United States. It has been published in New York since 1888. The newspaper is devoted to legal news, such as litigations, judicial calendars of cases are published in courts. In special columns written by leading professional lawyers, regular reviews are posted with an analysis of trends in legislative changes. Only in this newspaper, the texts of the adopted judicial decisions of the majority of courts whose jurisdiction extends to the territory of the State of New York, including the New York City Civil Court are published fully and promptly. Therefore, for example, for lawyers practicing in these courts, the tradition became quoting of precedents and their interpretation concerning this newspaper. Like many other publications in the US, the newspaper reinforces its influence by drawing up its own ratings. To this end, the newspaper publishes numerous special applications, including its famous special issue "NYLJ-100," containing the rating of one hundred most successful law firms in the state.

The leading American magazine in the field of innovative legal policy is the North Carolina Journal of Law & Technology, which is published every six months since 1998. This magazine is known by the acronym JOLT, which can be read both as an abbreviation and as a certain motto of the journal. The publication contains articles on the breakthroughs, innovative issues of legal regulation in various fields (primarily in the sphere of constitutional, joint-stock, and tax law), and materials proper from the sphere of the intersection of law and technology, on copyright and patent law. The journal has no equal authority in the English-speaking scientific world.

The Journal of Legislation published by the Notre Dame Law School differs from the traditional legal review of universities as it does not deal with judicial practice and precedents. All articles are devoted to the problems of legislative reform. The main authors are well-known scientists and public (political) figures. Comments and notes are not devoted to the investigation of court cases but to the consideration of various bills, reforms in certain areas of public administration, the administrative policy of the state, national and international organizations. In addition to the Journal of Legislation, two authoritative, highly specialized journals of the same subject are also published in the United States (at Harvard and New York University).

Online Libraries

HeinOnline is an online library of legal literature. Here you can find reviews of many laws and download them in PDF format. LexisNexis is another useful site. This is one of the largest scientific, legal projects in the world. You may explore many useful materials that will help you to create a successful work on this resource. In addition to reviews of US laws, you can also read important information about Canada's legal field here.

Indexes of Legal Articles

Resources of this type do not provide texts of the works, but you can find a lot of important data here. The index is the key information about the publication. Having this data, you can find the required text much faster. For example, Jones & Chipman's Index to Legal Periodical Literature contains information on more than 200 legal articles. You can study information about the oldest publications that were created back in the 19th century. The Westlaw index contains links to more than 400 articles that relate to the law of Great Britain and other European countries. LegalTrac is an index of more than 1000 articles written by British and American authors. This site has collected fairly recent publications, dating back to the 1980s. Knowing how to use these sources, you can write a good article on the legal subject, which will have scientific and practical value in the modern world.

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