Difference Between Blog and Article
25 September, 2018 in Writing Prompts
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Have you ever tried to explore the difference between blog and article? Very often, students get these types of writing assignment but could hardly handle details which distinguish them.

Ask writers, and probably they won’t answer this question on the spot. The reason for this is quite obvious, as blogs and articles have been performed similarly for a couple of years already. On the Internet, it also happens that these writings are mixed up. Well, if some writers doubt, just imagine how puzzled could be an average reader.

Undertaking a writer’s job, each of us should be sure about the distinctive features of each of these types of writing.

The article aims at giving insight into this confusing topic and presenting some ideas of other writing on the issue.

Blog Posting vs Article

Does anybody feel this opposition blog posting vs article? It is truly necessary to know that they are dissimilar but still influence each other in some way. Here are the current thoughts on the topic shared by some writers:

  • Betsy Kent highlights contrasting characteristics of blogs and articles and even indicates the types of content for each of them.
  • Carol Tice investigates the period of evolution when the distinction between blogs and articles was eliminated.
  • Emmy Snider tells much interesting about her experience of working in the journalist sphere as a corporate blogger.
  • Mark Chesnut writes his piece from the perspective of a client and gives a reader a chance to understand the unlikeness of travel journalists and bloggers. Probably, traveling is not certain you are interested in, but the article is worth spending time on it.

Difference between Article and Blog Post Writing

Getting to know the difference between article and blog post, it is necessary to establish some brief and informative rules. While there are no clear instructions written in study books, the following tips are more taken from the experience of authors and clients:

  1. In fact, blog posts and articles are among the most required orders nowadays. This type of content plays an important role in letting a reader know much essential information. Using both types is a guarantee of a balanced information load on a website.
  2. Completing a blog post, a writer may need to search for statistics or data. This investigation is required to provide data and clear facts on something. People often are mistaken when thinking that blog posts only serve for sharing a writer’s opinion.
  3. Blogs are not always shorter in length than articles. It is not really that important. Therefore, the count of words cannot be a characteristic to distinguish an article and post.
  4. One more tricky moment is when a customer has a wrong perception and wrongly uses these terms. Should you provide him or her with some explanatory note? In this case, asking for additional information usually works well.
  5. One of the most remarkable things is whether an author shares his or her opinion or not.

Blog VS Article Writing

It doesn’t matter what type of writing you undertake, these are the ideas you should keep in mind:

  1. Define the audience who are going to perceive a text. Just imagine the views, purposes, and expectations of your target reader. Make yourself address a type of reader, who will find useful what you write.
  2. Be brief and direct. Do not insert too many generalized and obvious ideas.
  3. Your piece should be of good quality. Apart from being coherent and informative, it should be also done competently.

Now you know the difference between blog and article writing, and that means you’re moving forward to your success. It is essential for a writer sometimes to spot and ask oneself a question about what is a blog or any other writing.