Business Report Sample and Tips
25 September, 2018 in Writing Prompts
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Business Report Sample: Introduction

There are a lot of various business report samples on the Internet you may easily find. However, each of them has its own peculiarities. Thus, it is not enough to have a sample of business reports. Therefore, our professionals, businessmen, and active users collected the most useful tips on how to write a business report sample and created a universal sample of a business report you may use for different types of your reports. Furthermore, we also provide you with such samples as business progress report sample, formal business report sample, business analyst report sample, informal business report sample, etc.

To answer the question of how to write a business report sample, we should realize a few things.

  1. Planning

Planning your business report is the first and maybe the most important thing. You should determine the purpose of your report, the audience, the main ideas or statements, the time, the place, and the length of your business report. To answer all these questions means to have a clear understanding of business reports aims. First of all, you should choose the issue, then analyze the situation, make some conclusions and suggest the most suitable decisions on the chosen problem. For example, it is the fact that many employees are suffering from pressure, and it may have both positive and negative impacts on them. This statement could be the central thesis in one of the business analyst report samples. It means that you should determine the problem, prove its topicality, and make a substantial introduction.

  1. Do not be boring.

Although it is a business report, it should not be boring. Of course, it depends on the topic. Sometimes, it is impossible to make your formal business report a funny one. However, one thing is universal and does not depend on topics, spheres, etc. We highly encourage you to use clear, concise, and active language. Frequently, we forget about our style and concentrate on the issue. However, it means that we forget about the audience - the most critical part of the business report since not analyzing the problem but its presentation to the audience is the primary reason for each business report and should be the core in each formal business report sample.

  1. Introduction: the main parts.

Usually, each opening differs but mostly consists of three-four pieces: a statement of the problem, the significance of the study, the scope of the study. The first two parts aim to prove that your issue is an important one. The scope of the study is the instrument that determines you as a conscientious researcher. Here, you should present your time, amount and clarify the subject or the object of your report. For example, in the case of exploring influences on workers, your limits may be - one hundred workers of one particular company during the month. There could be the fourth part - a review of the literature. However, it can be placed in the acknowledgment below the introduction or be a part of it. The primary task of this part is to demonstrate the previous history of pieces of research on this issue aiming to estimate the background of the question, compare and improve suggested decisions and proposals.

Business Report Format Sample

Business report format sample aims to present to you some of the most widespread and useful structure types of business reports. We have already considered the peculiarities of introduction in the business report sample above. However, there are such important points as title page, executive summary, contents, conclusions/recommendations, findings and discussions, references (optional).

Each of these parts adds something new to our business report example, and it seems obvious what kind of information they should include. However, we would like to draw special attention to the title page, executive summary, and contents. Your title page should be readable, and the central thesis should be complicated. Your executive summary should include some of the main points of your issue. Contents allow your readers to feel confident and easily find the necessary information.

Business Analysis Report Sample

The business analysis report sample provides you with some tips on how to analyze different types of business reports. Of course, the main reasons why we run the business report are to collect the information, analyze it, and make some conclusions. To make a good examination, you should use some of the well-considered research methods. Methods depend on the type of business report you devise. The most widespread methods are qualitative and quantitative methods.

Only based on provided and used research methods in the main body of your business report you can make some analysis and conclusions. As we have mentioned, each business report has particular sections which should include your analysis and conclusions. Conclusions/recommendations aim to present your suggestions and proposals on the specific issue. For instance, you highly recommend decreasing the pressure level because it decreases the workers' efficiency. Findings and discussions give you a chance to compare your suggestions with others.

Furthermore, it allows considering and discussing particular cases where the level of the workers' efficiency does not depend on the pressure level but the salary. Even if you do not get the concrete answer - do not worry. Following these tips, you will get well-conducted research on the particular issue and could be sure that it will help you to make the right decisions on how to get rid of this problem shortly.


The last and not-changeable thing you should do is proofreading. Be sure that you have enough time for editing, grammar, and content checking. It does not matter which sample of a business report you will use if you do not have enough time for the last step.

To sum up, we highly recommend you use these tips on how to write a business report sample and would like to highlight that mentioned peculiarities on structure, research methods, language and editing suit business progress report sample, formal business report sample, informal business report sample, etc.

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