Progressive Delivery

As well as providing an exceptional writing service, offers a range of additional useful services. For example, if a customer has a particularly long paper and/or one that is quite complex and difficult to manage, they should find our progressive delivery option useful. This service tends to suit orders that are 10 (single-spaced) pages or 20 (double-spaced) pages long.

What benefits will you get from choosing progressive delivery?

  • Firstly, your paper will be written by one of our company’s most skilled writers and edited by an expert editor.
  • Having a paper delivered progressively makes it much easier to track because it is delivered in parts. This method allows time to check our work, approve it, or ask us to revise it before the final date for submission arrives.
  • Upon receipt of your order, we will ask one of our experienced managers to oversee its progress – from its beginning right through to successful completion. Personal managers are also responsible for ensuring that all contact between the customer and the our writers is prompt, efficient, and smooth.
  • With progressive delivery, customers can request revisions for a longer period - for up to 30 (thirty) days after delivery in fact. This compares favorably to our standard free revision timeframe, which is just 2 (two) days.

How are the parts or drafts of your paper delivered by the progressive method?*:

  • Four (4) days deadline: In the event we agree a deadline of four days or less with you, we will deliver one part (equivalent to 25% of the order) to you by the time half the agreed deadline is reached. (So, if you place an order for a 20-page document with a deadline of 4 days, you can expect to receive the first part (equal to 5 pages) by the time 2 days (50%) of the deadline has been reached.
  • 5 to 11 days deadline: If we agree a deadline of between 5 and 11 days with you, we will deliver two parts (equivalent to 25% and 50% of the order) to you by the time the same percentages of the deadline have been respectively reached.
  • 12 days (or 12+ days): If we agree a 12-day deadline with you (or a deadline greater than this time), we will deliver three parts (equivalent to 25%, 50%, and 75% of the order) to you by the time the same percentages of the deadline has been respectively reached. 

What is the cost of progressive delivery? Add just +15% to the price of a regular order.

* It is possible that some customers may want to receive their orders by a method that is different from the above. If you have some other preference or your order has special requirements, we will be happy to help devise a personal plan for you. All you need to do is discuss your requirements with the person who is managing your order. They will be happy to develop a plan that fits your specific needs.

Request a Draft of a Paper You Have Ordered

Sometimes customers find it useful to get a draft of a paper they order from In these cases, when the half of the completion deadline has been reached, we can provide either a 1-page 300-word draft in double-spacing or a 1-page 600-word draft in single spacing. So, essentially, this means we can send a draft after 3 days where we have agreed a deadline of 6 days with the customer.

Request a Summary of a Paper You Have Ordered

Again, customers can find it helpful to get a summary of a paper they order from us, especially if they have to give a presentation of their work to a live audience (summaries are highly-recommended in these situations). Under such circumstances, we provide 1-page 300-word summaries setting out in brief terms the most important points from a paper.

Want to Extend Your Revision Time?

Everyone who uses our services is offered revisions at no additional cost to themselves – guaranteed. A “revision extension” extends the amount of time allowed for requesting no-cost revisions up to 14 days. This compares favorably to normal revision time, which is 48 hours.